The 5 Best Queen Storage Beds

So you’re looking for a Queen Storage Bed, and obviously want the best one.

There are a lot of options out there, and the best one really might depend on personal preference. Color, height, number of drawers, type of wood…all of these things are taken into account and your favorite will be different from many others.

We know this. That’s why we give you our top 5 picks for queen sized beds with storage, each of which have unique elements. There’s a quick review, a picture, and an option to learn more or buy the bed on, if you’re interested (if none of these work out, consider searching for more on Amazon. There are a lot of options out there, and you’re likely to get the best price if you get it online.)

1. Room Doctor Mission Style Platform Bed Frame

Features: Clean, Unfinished, Chemical Free Pine. Made in USA. Solid Wood with Underbed Storage Drawers.

It is solid wood, made in the US, and can be stained or painted to match any room.

This bed’s drawers come separately, but even when combined, the price of the set comes in much lower than most of its competitors.

It’s very sturdy, basic enough to look good in any situation with a bit of stain or paint (or even without), and it’s easy to put together.

The drawers are well made, with large plastic wheels that “easily glide over the carpet”.

2. Prepac Sonoma Maple Queen Platform Storage Bed (6-drawers)

This bed is very well made, easy (though perhaps time consuming) to put together, and has great storage drawers that will hold things like clothing and linens with ease.

You can match this with existing furniture, or get the full set including bookcase headboard, so it’s very versatile.

The overall quality makes this a top pick.

3. Queen Size Bookcase Chest Bed in Brown Finish

This bed can be had at a major discount from Amazon at the moment, and is one of the top rated queen storage beds.

The quality of construction on this bed is great, plus it has so many options thanks to all the drawers. The headboard is an added bonus.

This bed is quite tall once the mattress is on it, so if you are very short, this might be an awkward fit. However, people who own this bed say that the sleep is great and that it is very comfortable.

4. The Phoenix Collection Bookcase-style Storage Bed

The bed features solid hardwood construction with maple veneers and has a touch of Asian-inspiration. It is finished with brushed nickel hardware to give it a strong, modern appearance.

Like other beds with a lot of storage built-in, once you get a mattress on it (no box spring, remember, it is a platform bed), it will be a bit high off the ground.

This bed is tops when it comes to quality and construction.

5. Prepac Monterey Cherry Queen Platform Storage Bed (6-drawers)

The look is simple yet refined, and the storage space is totally maximized, leaving you with a good, modern platform bed that does the job.

The bed, despite it’s budget-friendly price, seems to be liked by those who have bought it. This bed is fairly durable and shouldn’t give you any problems, even with the drawers, which are reliable.

Keep clutter away by getting kids beds with storage

We could all use a little extra storage in our homes when we have kids running around. That’s why you should really think about looking at kids beds with storage. For such a small space, the storage options are endless, and can really help you get a hold on the toys, crafts, and clothes that seem to be weighing you down and getting worse every day.

You might be thinking that ‘under bed storage’ is what kids do when you tell them to clean their rooms. We’ve all got images of clothes, papers, games, and who knows what else, shoved under the bed, collecting dust, never to be seen again. This is the unfortunate image that comes to mind when we talk about storing things under our beds.

But it doesn’t have to be like that – even for your kids! Give them a proper storage solution and set some expectations, and they can’t go wrong!

under bed storage

A great example of a storage bed for boys.

There are a few bed ideas here that we would recommend checking out. Storage beds for kids aren’t incredibly expensive due to the fact that they’re pretty small, so you would do well to shop around if you are thinking of a storage bed.

You can, of course, find other under bed solutions for children, such as using storage bins, but there are so many excellent and creative beds that you should check them out first.

Setting your children up with storage beds is wonderful, because you can tell them that shoving their toys, crafts, clothing and other items under their bed is great! They’ll love it, and you’ll love the fact that it’s in a neat, organized and clean way, rather than the nightmare image you have of things crammed under the bed.

Make it even more organized by having an in-drawer storage organizer. You can divvy up compartments and make labels so that it’s easy for your kids to remember where everything goes. This will help them get into the habit of putting things away because it’s easy and they don’t have to rack their brain trying to remember where each piece goes. Make it easy and fun and they’ll fall into organization and cleanliness quickly!

What kind of things might you store under your children’s beds?

  • Toys and games – things like lego, board games, wooden blocks, small figurines, action figures…the list goes on and on!
  • Books – is a bookshelf not in the cards? Maybe you don’t have room, or maybe your kids have a few favourite books that they want close to bed. Having a storage container full of some books is a great way to save space and have reading material close by.
  • Clothing – whether they have a dresser or not, using the under bed storage space for clothes can be smart. Eliminate the crammed feeling of the dresser or closet, or eliminate the dresser altogether with clothes storage under the bed.
  • Craft materials – Just like toys and games, your kids will love having a space dedicated to their crafts. Put all the construction paper, glue, glitter, scissors and markers under their bed and use labels. Always organized!
under bed storage

Here’s a very cool girls storage bed with a desk attached. Make the most out of your small space!

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to storing things under your kids beds! The choice is yours, but make sure you explore this option if you are looking for extra storage and a solution to clutter!

If you get them into good habits now, you’ll keep them going that way and your life will be much easier and clutter-free! You’ll also be setting them up for a fun way to get into good habits that will serve them well later in life.

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Storage Boxes with Lids – The Ultimate Bedroom Storage

The type of storage container you use for under bed storage is extremely important.

There are various types of boxes, containers, bins and the like that will fit under your bed, but you must pick the right kind. This will depend on what you are storing under your bed, and how much space you have.

Storage boxes with lids are a great choice for almost any type of storage. Whether you have only a few inches of usable space and you want your storage to be tucked away, or you have a high bed with lots of storage and you want your boxes to add to the decor of your room, bins with lids are your best bet.

While you can get away without using lids, think about what you are storing. Unless you use the storage beneath your bed every day as an alternative to a dresser, for example, you will likely benefit from having a lid over your storage items.

There is always a chance of something happening – some water getting in, say. Or, though it may be a bit off-putting to think about it, bugs and dust can collect in your storage bins if you don’t have a lid. Basically, a lid is an extra layer of protection to whatever it is you are storing – and in most cases, this extra insurance doesn’t hurt.

Better to be safe than sorry, especially if you are storing clothing or things with sentimental value.

Now, there are all kinds of storage boxes with lids – everything from stylish wicker baskets with decorative lids to functional plastic storage boxes. The type of box you choose is up to you and depends on a few factors.

What size of box will fit under your bed, and will it fit all of the items you wish to store? You must take this into account, and especially be aware of the height of your storage container when the lid is on and closed. Too often people buy containers that fit under their bed without a lid, but are too tall once they put the lid on. Save yourself some time and the hassle of returning your box to the store by measuring both the amount of room under your bed, and the height of your storage box, lid included.

Do your items need to be secure and safe, in the event of an accident, such as water damage? Make sure that if you are using decorative or stylish boxes, the items you are storing are not in danger of being damaged in any way, and if they are, ensure that you are not devaluing something important.

Luckily, you can get away with pretty much any box that has a lid when it comes to your bed storage needs. As long as it fits under your frame, and stores your items, you can use it – there aren’t any rules, other than your personal preference!

Hopefully, you have been able to learn a thing or two about storage boxes and are now able to make the best choice when it comes to picking some up for yourself.

Queen Platform Bed Shopping Comparison Guide

Queen Platform Bed Comparison Guide

Queen platform beds are a very popular type of bed, and they are a very good option when it comes to under bed storage. They are a good size, and will fit most people (and fit most rooms, which is very important), and because platform beds do not require a box spring, they have a lot of room underneath for storage.

Frequently, platform beds have built in storage drawers that easily allow you to increase your storage space by functionally and stylishly using the space under the bed.

If you purchase a platform bed without built in drawers, it is usually still easy to get storage underneath, depending on the model you buy.

The best bed is the one that suits your needs, your style, your comfort, and your price. Be sure to check everything about your bed before purchasing, including if it comes with drawers built in, or if you will be able to add storage – we can not stress how important the extra square footage of storage beneath your bed is!

When you are buying your bed frame, make sure that you have a mattress that will fit properly. This is important for a platform bed, because if your mattress is not one of the average sizes (queen, for example), it might not fit, and platform beds are designed with very specifically sized slats or platforms to support the mattress. You might find yourself with a bit of overhang one way or the other if your mattress doesn’t fit properly.

Be sure to compare prices, reviews, sizes and colors before making your final purchase. Comparison shopping is very important, which is why we included the chart above. We selected some of the best options available for queen platform beds, particularly those with storage solutions already built in.

A queen bed is typically 60 inches x 80 inches, or 5 feet by 6 feet, 8 inches.

Is a platform bed frame right for you?

The platform bed frame – the advantages are clear, but you may still be worried about making the switch from a mattress/box spring combination.

A common worry is that by eliminating your box spring, you will eliminate comfort. So many people spend their lives sleeping on a mattress/box spring combo that it can seem strange to forego half of the set.

Put your fears on hold, if only for a minute, and read on – we’ll be looking at all the good that a platform bed frame can offer.


To put it simply, a platform bed can add a lot to the look of your room. Without the box spring, you get a more sleek looking bed. It typically makes your room more modern and less cluttered.

Since the frame does not have to incorporate a 5.5 inch to 9 inch tall box spring, there is more room for the designer of the frame to be creative. Typically, you will see these frames be lower. Additionally, it is common that a bed frame like this is used as a focal point of the bedroom – used for style and fashion, rather than just utility.


A major advantage of having a platform bed frame is that because of the space saved by eliminating the need for a box spring, there is a lot of extra room that can be used for under bed storage.

Often, you will find that a platform bed with drawers makes great use of the otherwise wasted space beneath the bed or frame.

While you can typically fit a short storage container beneath an average bed (one with a box spring and a standard, low frame), there are limits to your space, due to the box spring. In order to keep the bed from being too high, the bed frame is usually quite low to the ground.

A platform bed of the same height (measured at the top of the mattress) will have much more room underneath it, because of the fact that the mattress rests on slats or a platform, rather than a box spring. This opens up additional storage space, and many designs offer built in storage drawers.


Many people say that a platform bed is slightly harder and less forgiving than a bed with a box spring. It is quite clear that this may be the case, since a box spring is designed to have some give (hence the springs) for comfort, whereas slats or a platform are much harder, and obviously do not have any give.

The extra support is great news for some people, who wish to have a firm bed. If you wish for a softer bed, this may sound detrimental. In that case, ensure your mattress is sufficiently soft enough while providing enough support so that you do not feel the harder platform underneath.

Whatever you desire, the extra support provided by a platform bed frame can be used to your advantage.


Low to the ground and supported by wooden slats or a solid platform, you’ll find that this type of frame provides more stability than a mattress/box spring combination.

The benefits of stability can be broken down into children’s beds and adult’s beds.

For children, the stability of a well-made platform frame can be great, as they may take to playing on their beds and generally being more rough with them (falling into bed, jumping into bed, etc.). Be sure to check on the stability of your child’s platform bed, though, as constant wear and tear may cause a wooden slat to loosen or break.

For adults, extra stability means that if you toss and turn in the night, or are heavier, your bed is safe. A box spring and mattress could wear over time if you are in any way hard on your bed. The usually-low construction and solid support system makes a platform frame a good option for added stability.

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Organized people should love beds with storage

You’re an organized person. You likely have shelves and some nifty storage boxes and containers hidden away, sometimes in plain sight (because you’re good like that – making functional look stylish). Let’s take a look at your bedroom, then.

How’s your organization here? You’ve got a dresser, a closet, a night stand or two. Everything put away, yes? Hooks on walls might hold various accessories to your wardrobe. Your closet might have a hanging shoe rack.

So you are, in fact, an organized person. But wait a moment – what’s under your bed?

No, it is not just a place where naughty children hide their mess. If you’re not using the space under your bed properly, your claim as an organized person could be in jeopardy!

Here’s what I mean: you should be looking for and utilizing any and all storage spaces. We’ve all got stuff, but too many of us just don’t have enough room for all of it. Sometimes things will pile up – on the dresser, a table, a desk – and you’ll always make a note to clean it sometimes. Sometimes becomes never and you resort to tidying the messy area – stacking things in order by size, so that it looks less messy.

What if there was a way to get rid of this small, but annoying clutter? What if your closet could get a little extra breathing room? And those knick-knacks you don’t display but would never throw out?

If this sounds anything like you, organized person that you are, you need to be thinking about beds with storage.

Storage beds

These are all beds with storage – there are styles to suit anyone!

You will climb the ranks of organized-personhood faster than ever, and finally put an end to your clutter, overstocked closets and drawers, and anything else that you just can’t find room for.

There are many options when it comes to under bed storage, and you should be using one of them.

Did you know that depending on your bed size, you might be wasting up to 40 square feet under your bed that could be used for discreet storage?

Beds with storage offer you so many options. Whether you get a bed frame that has drawers or you use simple boxes that slide under your bed, you’re sure to be thrilled with the added storage space that was hiding right under your nose.

Organized people find great use for the added space. Store clothing, files, books, games, crafts, and more. There’s a storage solution for all of your needs, as long as it fits under your bed.

If you’ve got everything else down pat, and you are utilizing other amazing storage solutions throughout your home, you cannot pass up beds with storage – they will perfectly complement the rest of your neat and tidy home, and they will save you from many headaches when it comes to small things that just never quite find a home, or from other crowded storage spaces.

Organized people beware – there’s probably extra storage space in your room, you’ve just got to find and use it!

Plastic Storage Boxes – A practical and affordable under bed storage solution

Perhaps the most basic and affordable way to maximize under bed storage space is utilizing plastic storage boxes.

A typical and popular way to improve storage, boxes are in clear contradiction to built-in bed frame storage. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but it is clear that using any sort of box is a very different subject than that of purchasing or making a bed frame with storage.

Plastic boxes are a common way to increase storage, and for good reason. They are durable, inexpensive, and come in many shapes and sizes. In fact, this is the method of under bed storage that the author (me!) uses to store seasonal clothing in the off-months.

If you have a ‘typical’ bed frame – one that is metal and quite low to the ground – this is probably your best option.

Plastic Storage Box

Plastic storage boxes are great for storing things like clothes under your bed.

You will be best served by a long, shallow box. For easier access, consider getting one with wheels on one end, to easily bring it out from under your bed and push it back under.

Additionally, a box with a lid is always a good idea, regardless of whether it is a plastic one. They will keep your storage items more secure and help to defend them in the case of dirt, dust, water, or any other type of potentially harmful substance.

Because they come in various shapes and sizes, a particular advantage to having storage of this sort, is that you can have multiple different boxes, each with a different type of item. This will help you stay even more organized and eliminate the time you would have spent digging through a lot of things just to find the one item in storage that you actually need. This way, everything is compartmentalized, easily labelled, and quickly accessible.

One of the few downfalls of using these boxes is that they are certainly no way to enhance the look of your room.

Normally, this isn’t an issue, and so the easily hidden box can be stored neatly away without anyone being the wiser. However, some people wish to liven up their bedroom by adding a beautiful bed frame with drawers or by utilizing stylish storage boxes under their existing bed frame.

While plastic is extremely functional, it is the least likely to be something you use as a design accent in your room. If you are on the search for a bedroom makeover that both looks good and has functional storage space, this might not be the option for you.

If you are simply looking for a few extra square feet of storage, though, having plastic boxes is likely the best way for you to get the most out of your room.

Plastic storage boxes

A basic plastic box that would be great for storage under the bed.

Here are a few tips for buying plastic bins for underneath your bed:

Measure your bed frame, both the distance from the ground to the bottom of the frame, and the dimensions (length and width). You must make sure that you buy something that will fit under your bed! It may sound like common sense, but there’s nothing worse than being at the store and having no idea whether the boxes you are looking at will fit under your bed. You’ll have to go home, measure, and go back to the store – a big waste of time!

Depending on what you’ll be storing, make sure the quality is good and the boxes are sturdy. Now, you might be able to get away with a cheaper box if the things you are storing are not vitally important, or are durable. However, if there is even the slightest chance of damage, or if the items are of more importance, you will certainly want to make sure the quality is high. You can get plastic boxes for around $20 at the bottom end of the spectrum, but think through your storage needs before buying the cheapest option.

Think quantity – how many boxes will you need for your storage, and how many will fit under your bed? As mentioned above, having multiple boxes can be a great way to stay even more organized.

In conclusion, these are a very common, very practical, and very affordable option for storage anywhere, but particularly below your bed frame. There are a few things to consider, but if your goal is simply to have a tidy way to utilize the unused storage space under your bed, you’ve likely found your answer here.

Using Boxes with Lids as Under Bed Storage

There are various types of under bed storage, one of which is boxes with lids.

These could be plastic, wood, or cardboard – the choice is yours.

This type of storage is a great solution compared with other storage compartments (built-in, boxes without lids, etc.) for various reasons. This article will focus on the pros of using boxes with lids for your under bed storage.


Boxes with lids are much cheaper than other forms of storage. Specifically, you will find that built-in storage like those found in a bed frame are prohibitively expensive for many people.

Opting for a lidded box keeps everything securely and privately tucked away under your existing bed and frame, and can literally cost up to 100 times less than buying a full under bed storage system.

More flexible

Unlike under bed storage units that are built in or heavy, boxes are easy to move, change, hide, fill, or add to.

You don’t have to commit to a large purchase (physically and monetarily) if you just want some extra storage. If you like it, they are very useful and smart, but if you don’t (or if you need a different kind of storage), they are easy to get rid of or change.

Boxes with Lids

An example of a plastic box with lid for under bed storage.

Keep the look of your room as it is

Storage bed frames can be great, but what if you really like the look of your room as it is or your bed and frame suit your needs perfectly?

You don’t want to have to go out and buy a whole new bed and frame just to get the extra storage.

By using boxes under your existing bed, you keep the look of your room as it is, and do not sacrifice any of your design or comfort.

Much easier to get/maintain/change

Basically, storage boxes are a quick and easy fix to your storage problem. You don’t have to get a moving truck to get your large new bed frame with drawers delivered, and it doesn’t take you a lot of time or energy to set up your storage system.

You can choose your boxes, buy or order them, fill them with whatever it is you wish to store, snap the lid on, slide them under your bed, and you’ve got an under bed storage solution – couldn’t be easier!

Lots of Style/Type Selection

Whether you want your under bed storage boxes to disappear completely or become a visually appealing accent to your room, there are many styles and types of boxes with lids to choose from.

A simple plastic box with a lid that clamps down is a good option if you want your storage to be functional but hidden.

Nice wooden ones with lids can add to the design of your room, or simply be the option you choose because they are fairly easy to make if you are skilled with tools.

Metal is another option that can be visually pleasing, depending on your style. However, you might choose this option if you are storing particularly valuable items or want to be sure that in case of a flood or accident, the contents are not damaged.

Cardboard boxes, such as bankers boxes work well if you have a fair amount of room under your bed for storage. Again, they can add to the look of your room by being very neat and tidy and allowing for easy labeling, or they can be pushed deeper under your bed. These are particularly good if you are storing many smaller items, rather than a few large ones.

6 Things To Consider When Buying a Bed With Drawers

As under bed storage goes, a bed with drawers is one of the most popular methods of gaining that extra bit of storage space in your room.

If you’re interested in getting one – as opposed to another solution, such as storage bins under your bed – there are a few things you should take into consideration when making your decision.

We’ve compiled a list that will help you tick all the boxes and choose the right bed. Make sure you take these 6 things into consideration:


As with all purchases, make sure you set a budget when it comes to price. Did you know that buying a bed with drawers could set you back over $2000?

Of course, there are far more economical options, but you should have a good idea of the price range before you start shopping and go in with realistic expectations.

We recommend checking out Amazonand eBay to get a better idea about what you can expect to pay. You may even find a bed to buy!


What does your bedroom look like? Is there a prominent theme throughout? Do you have a color palette with main and accent colors?

Take stock of your current style and make sure your bed will fit in. If you’d like to keep it subtle, choose something that will blend in with the rest of your room and simply be functional. If you’d prefer to make a statement and have your bed stand out, pick an accent color that will really pop.

Whether you choose to be subtle and elegant or wild and fashionable, make sure you make note of your bedroom’s current color scheme before buying a bed.


While the size of your bed goes without saying  (buy one that fits your mattress!), you must figure out the size of the bed you buy. This is definitely an instance of “measure twice, cut once”.

Take just a moment to measure your room. Write down the dimensions and make any notes, such as other pieces of furniture in your room (and the size of them). This way you won’t end up with a bed that is too big to comfortably fit in your room.

Keep in mind that some beds will actually have a larger footprint (cover more area) than your mattress, especially if they are platform beds that have drawers.


While most beds you look at won’t vary greatly in height, there are some beds that are much higher up and some that are quite low. This obviously determines how big the drawers can be, but it may also affect your sleep comfort.

If possible, test out the bed frame before buying it, to make sure that you won’t have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning (if the bed is too low, and you have mobility issues), for example.


Quite likely the biggest reason you’re looking at getting a bed with drawers is the storage aspect! Therefore, you should know exactly how much storage space you need.

What will you be storing under your bed? If you’re going to be putting clothes, books, or other fairly flat objects down there, you should be okay with most standard, low profile storage beds. However, if you’re interested in being able to store larger, bulkier items, you should opt for a bed with taller drawers.

Additionally, do you want one long drawer that extends from the head of the bed to the foot or do you want multiple drawers? Again, this goes back to what you anticipate storing underneath. Do you need a vast storage area for one or two items, or are you only looking to place smaller items below?


Like color, you should have an idea of the style that will most benefit your room’s appearance. Go so far as to take a picture of your room before you go shopping.

While you’re buying a storage bed for the extra storage and functionality, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make it a key item in your room – after all, it is likely the largest piece of furniture in there!

This is really all up to your personal taste, as there are many different styles of bed, but it is good to be prepared when you start to see the options available to you.


Here's a bed frame with a lot of drawers in a very interesting configuration!

Here’s a bed frame with a lot of drawers in a very interesting configuration!

Because there are so many options available to you when you’re choosing your bed with drawers, it is difficult to provide specifics!

There are all sorts of storage and design options from which to choose, so the best advice is to really think about what you want in a bed – is storage the only priority or do you also want to enhance the design of your room? How big of a bed do you want? How much can you spend? All of these things will impact your final decision.

Too many people miss out on utilizing the space underneath their beds for storage – you’re ahead of the game if you’re considering a bed with drawers! Don’t let clutter overrun your room. You might even be able to remove a piece of furniture (such as your dresser) by adding the extra storage under your bed, thereby making your room feel bigger.

Bunk Beds with Storage – Thinking Vertically

If you’re using bunk beds for your children, you’ve clearly got saving space on your mind! You’re thinking vertically and getting the most out of your space.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense for you to be thinking about the wasted space underneath the bed. Just as you added utility above the first bed (by having the second bunk), you can add utility below the first bed by including a storage solution, such as a drawer or a storage box of some kind.

Boy Bunk Bed with Storage

Here’s a themed bunk bed for boys with a pull out area that can be used for storage.

Bunk beds with storage are great, because you’re absolutely maximizing your space without increasing the footprint of the sleeping arrangement.

Not only can you fit two people in the same square footage as you normally would, but toys, games, or even clothes can be stored away neatly beneath the bed – again, without taking up any additional space.

These are a great option for the space-conscious, tidy parent who wants to maximize space and minimize clutter.

Think of the space that will be saved this way, allowing you to have fewer rooms in your house and have fewer storage bins taking up valuable living space.

Lego, games, action figures – all of these things can now be stored under the bed responsibly. It will be the only time you ever ask your kids to shove their toys under their beds! Instead of a naughty rushed cleaning job that sees all sorts of toys, clothes and mess get jammed under their bed, your kids will have a neat place to store everything.

Girl Bunk Bed With Storage

The same bunk bed with storage set up as above, but with a decidedly more female color scheme.

To make this even more functional, you could consider putting in multiple compartments – either dividing the storage space into two or three big areas, or making very specific compartments for different items. Try labeling these areas to make it easier on your children to put things away appropriately.

If you have bunk beds already, but don’t have a storage system built-in, this can easily be remedied by either making some storage containers that match the look of the bunk bed (especially if it is a wooden framed bed), or by buying some storage containers.

You can choose all sorts of different containers, from plastic tubs with lids to wicker baskets to collapsible fabric boxes. Anything will do, as long as you are utilizing all of the space under the bed. Just make sure whatever you get will fit, and if you get something with a lid, take the height and shape of the lid into account. There’s nothing worse than getting home and realizing that one small section of the lid is raised and doesn’t fit under the bed!

Bunk beds with storage are a great solution to get the most out of your space. They also encourage your children to stay neat and tidy, because of the ease with which they can put things away and shove it under the bed!

What You Should Know About a Platform Bed With Drawers

Platform beds often benefit greatly from utilizing the space under the frame by adding storage, and a common way of doing this is to include drawers.

While you may end up paying slightly more for the more robust frame (due to material costs and the craftsmanship involved in creating the drawers), you will come away with something that looks sleek, adds to your room’s aesthetic, and is very functional.

Storage boxes are great, but if you’re looking for that extra step up that will keep everything looking like it belongs, drawers are definitely the way to go in your platform bed.

Because the frame has a flat bottom, where you’ll find either slats or a single or double piece base, there is always room underneath the bed to add storage. There’s no need for a box spring nor a standard metal bed frame, so the potential to utilize the otherwise-wasted storage space underneath your bed is huge.

Platform beds are extremely suitable for storage beds, because they are lower profile (due to not needing a box spring) and so can afford to sit as high or as low as you want. If you position them at the same height your mattress would be at if you had a box spring and regular frame, you get so much more space underneath. Because of this, you have a lot of storage space, and can potentially get some of the largest drawers of any storage bed.

A platform bed with drawers can transform your space.

What would you store underneath your bed? No matter what it is, you’ll get benefits. Out of sight? Done. Out of mind? Don’t think about it anymore. Easily accessible? They’re right there under your bed. Extra storage? Get the clutter out of your life and under your bed.

You can buy (or make, if you’re very keen on that sort of thing) platform beds that have drawers on either side, or you can buy a bed that has drawers both on the sides and on the end.

Side drawers are the obvious choice, and most people know about them, but there are a few models that include a drawer at the foot of the bed. This is very useful for things like shoes, accessories (ties, belts, scarves), or even little keepsakes that you don’t necessarily have a place for but need to find a place to store.

The choice of side or side/foot combination is yours, and really depends on how big you need your drawers to be. Remember, if you have one at the foot of the bed, the side drawers are necessarily smaller and have less width. It is helpful to know whether or not you need storage for many smaller items or if you need to store just a few larger items. The size and configuration of your drawers should match your needs.

Platform Bed with Multiple Drawers

Here is an example of a platform bed with multiple drawers. As you can see, the mattress sits just above the top of the drawers, meaning there is no box spring underneath. The bed will be supported either by slats or by a solid one or two piece base.

Basic Platform Bed with 2 Drawers

Here is an example of a very basic platform bed with two drawers. As you can see underneath the mattress is a flat base that supports the mattress. No need for a box spring. Utilizes some of the space beneath the bed. It is likely that there is a drawer at the foot of the bed, which is why the side drawers do not extend to the end.

Top Tips When Looking for Beds with Drawers

If you’re looking for a stylish yet practical solution for more storage, you should consider beds with drawers.

Beds that have drawers in them are very useful for storing many things, and the options are only limited by your needs and the size of the drawers under your bed.

By getting a bed frame that has drawers built in, or by building these drawers yourself and incorporating them into your current bed frame, you can utilize up to an additional 40 square feet of extra storage that would have been wasted underneath your bed.

Many people find these useful because they can eliminate the need for a dresser in their bedroom, or they can be used to find room for any extra clothing that will not fit in their existing dresser!

Of course, you do not have to use the drawers to put your clothes in. You could choose to put in anything that you’d like!

Here are some of the top uses people have found for beds with drawers:

  1. Clothing – Expand or even eliminate your dresser by storing your clothing in the drawers underneath your bed.
  2. Sheets and blankets – By storing your bed coverings under your bed, they are easily accessible for when you need a fresh set, yet always out of the way.
  3. Fashion Accessories – If you’ve got many extra pieces that would otherwise be strewn across your dresser top or bathroom counter, you’ll clean up your room tremendously by putting everything under your bed!
  4. Shoes – Do you have a large shoe collection? Do you only wear each pair occasionally? Why not free up some space in your closet by devising a neat and tidy shoe rack system under your bed in the drawers?
  5. Games and Toys (for kids) – With drawers, your kids really WILL be cleaning when they shove everything back under the bed! You can make it even more neat by coming up with various compartments for their specific toys.

They’re definitely useful, but what should you look for when choosing a specific bed?

  • Make sure that the drawers are big enough for what you plan to store. Sometimes, you will find that the drawers are very shallow, meaning you can’t fit more than a few clothes or books in them. If that’s all you need, these are great, low-to-the-ground options that keep everything out of sight. If you plan on storing things that are more bulky or take up more space, definitely have measurements ready so that you can choose a frame with large enough drawers.
  • Know what style you’re looking for. There are some basic beds with drawers that are fairly neutral and can easily go with your existing bedroom set without clashing too much. However, if you’ve got a certain style or design happening in your bedroom, you will not want to throw it off by getting the wrong bed! If you want a low profile bed that doesn’t stand out, you might get away with a basic bed with drawers. However, if you want to stand out and have a great feature piece, there are some amazing bed frames available that feature beautiful designs and colors. Whatever you’re looking for, there is bound to be a bed that has drawers for you (provided you’ve got the money to satisfy your taste!)
  • Does it fit with your mattress set up? Make sure that your bed frame with drawers will fit your mattress set up. And while you’re making sure everything fits, measure your room and get a bed that will fit! You may find that beds with drawers have a slightly larger footprint than a minimal sort of bed frame, so be sure to measure before you look.